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Franklin Method workshops in Brisbane

Jordanna has recently extended her Pilates and movement qualifications by adding Franklin Method Level 1 Educator to the list. She recently taught her first Franklin workshop “Relaxed Shoulders, Released Neck” both in the BPA studio and online. It was wonderful to see our clients learning this revolutionary approach to movement and body awareness.

Check our clients in action below and some kind words shared about the experience.

Franklin Method workshop in Brisbane
Franklin Method workshop Brisbane

Hi Jordanna, 

I just wanted to say thank you again for your wonderful Neck and Shoulders workshop last Saturday 🙂  It was so interesting and informative, and I’m looking forward to passing some of this new knowledge on to clients. 

Hi Jordanna,  the workshop was really great, very informative and easy to understand. Thank you so much! 

Hi Jordanna,

Just wanted to say thank you for holding the workshop on Saturday. It was good to come home and digest everything.

I did some ball work yesterday and will continue to include shoulder work with band.  I have to say they were pretty sore yesterday! I’m finding myself visualising the movement.. hopefully I’ll do this when I’m doing my gym classes.

I look forward to the next workshop.

What is the Franklin Method?

The Franklin Method is a highly effective evidence-based approach to movement education focusing on the body and its function. It combines scientific understanding, imagery, and practical exercises. Developed by Eric Franklin, it focuses on using the mind to improve the function, coordination, and efficiency of the body. Through the use of imagery and specific exercises, the Franklin Method aims to retrain the body’s movement patterns and enhance physical performance. By incorporating dynamic alignment, conscious relaxation, and imagery techniques, practitioners can experience improved posture, flexibility, strength, and overall well-being. The Franklin Method empowers individuals to embody their potential and discover the joy of moving with ease and grace.

All Franklin Method workshops are beneficial for BPA clients who wish to understand movement and Pilates practice on a deeper level.

More Franklin Method workshops coming up in Brisbane

There are two more opportunities to join the Franklin Method workshops at our Pilates studio in Albany Creek. 

Frankline Method Workshop Brisbane
Pilates Workshop brisbane

Pelvic Power for Core Integration

Saturday 8, July  1- 4pm (in-studio)
Cost- $89 early bird by 23 June  (after 23 June $120)

This workshop focuses on the practical application of imagery techniques to increase the power, alignment and flexibility of the pelvic joints and muscles. To balance the action of the joints we will experience the natural bone rhythms in support of healthy function. This, in turn, will increase the safety of the lower back, knees and feet. Sacral balance is key to the alignment of the spine and legs. We will experience how the sacrum actually moves as a key to understanding and creating efficient, safe movement.

Throughout the workshop imagery and language is used that explains the complex subject matter at all levels of experience. Evolutionary logic will provide a fresh and practical understanding of the anatomy and biomechanics of the pelvis. The participants will leave the workshop with a sense of aligned strength through the pelvic floor, the feet firmly balanced and the spine long and buoyant.

The Healthy & Youthful Spine

Saturday, 5 August  1-4pm (in studio)
Cost- $89 early bird by 7th July   (after 7th July $120)

The spine is a masterpiece of design containing over one hundred joints and associated muscles and ligaments. How, then, is it possible that so many people suffer from debilitating pain associated with the spine? Complex design requires conscious maintenance. Why do we have a spine in the first place? Why is it shaped the way it is? This workshop will explain spinal evolution, design and function using imagery and simple movement. A new embodied understanding of the spine will allow for all daily movement and exercise to benefit spinal health. 

We will learn: 

Exercises to strengthen the intervertebral discs, joints & muscles

How the ligaments & discs interact to strengthen the spine
The rotational & coupled motions dynamics of the spine
Understand which cues in exercise, Pilates, Yoga & dance support

If you have any questions about these workshops, don’t hesitate to contact Jordanna on  07 3325 5821.