Celebrate Qld Seniors Month with us this October - Special Price for Seniors

Pilates for seniors BrisbaneBASI Pilates Academy-Australia is celebrating Queensland Seniors Month throughout October with a special promotion for all seniors 60 years or over.

Enjoy a semi-private 60 minute Pilates session (maximum 4 people) on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays for the special senior price of $20.

Not tried Pilates yet? It’s never too late to start! Joseph Pilates (the founder) practised Pilates into his 80s!

Why is Pilates so beneficial for seniors?

There’s no doubt as we age our bodies start to slow down and many suffer from a decrease in strength, mobility and balance. This is where Pilates can help!  As a whole body fitness routine with a focus on building core strength, proper alignment and mind body connection, Pilates is an ideal form of fitness for seniors. It’s low impact and not as severe on joints as other forms of exercise.

Clients who regularly practise Pilates enjoy increased stability, balance, strength, flexibility and posture. This can help to reduce the risk of falls. Pilates can also be used for rehabilitation after hip or knee surgery and regular practice can help to prevent injury. Best of all the method can be tailored to suit individual needs.

With regular practice Pilates can…

    • Increase strength and flexibility
    • Improve posture – good alignment supported by a strong core
    • Increase energy – it gets your breath and circulation moving
    • Help relieve tension
    • Improve muscle tone & strengthen your core
    • Prevent injury as well as be used to aid injury rehabilitation
    • Promote mindfulness and body awareness through mindful movement, being more body aware and working with your breath
    • Can be tailored to individual needs

About your instructor –  Shayne Smith

BASI faculty Shayne SmithShayne Smith is a BASI Pilates Principle Faculty and Z-Health practitioner.

As a qualified karate instructor, certified BASI Pilates specialist and Z-Health practitioner, Shayne brings extensive knowledge and passion to every session. Through his advanced Pilates education and Z-health studies Shayne is able to individually help each client to maximize their results through understanding how the brain and body interact together.

Contact us today and see how Pilates can help keep you healthy and strong. 

Purchase your class online via Mindbody or give us a call  on 3325 5821 to discuss your Pilates needs.